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Making Business Human

One app
to rule them all!

In a nutshell, Yanna is a social network for doing business.

Follow and connect with your team mates, employees, contractors, customers and other businesses.

Negotiate Ts & Cs. Provide instructions to your team mates and discuss all the intricate details of a job with a customer and team mates.

Record time, create quotes, invoices and jobs, take payments. Outsource work to other businesses.

Yanna is packed with a lot of functionality.

Almost everything in Yanna is designed with networking in mind.

"I'm a business network and I connect:
employers,employees, contractors, customers.
All business participants... pretty much."

- Yanna

Where'd all the time go?

Often, time tracking can be such a chore. We did some long, hard thinking and came up with something we believe is simple and easy to use.

Travel. Work. Rest. Repeat.

Record time spent on work 🔨, travel 🚗 or that coffee break ☕️

Making sense of where time went is simple - just take a look at an easy-to-read time graph. Or take a deep dive into a bunch of sophisticated looking reports.


Review, approve and dispute time sheets or give access to your accountant and let them do it.

"The tick-tock tick tocks goes the clock..."

- Yanna

Job. Job. Job.

You are on the go. You get a call from a customer. You need to capture their name, address and the description of what needs to be done.

Not many have a luxury of dedicated admin staff for this. So you do it yourself by scribbling all that info on a bit of paper. The paper gets lost, you are frustrated and the customer is angry.

Businesses manage scheduling of their work in so many different ways, it's virtually impossible to design a 'one size fits all' solution.

We talked to teams from many different fields about how they manage work and distilled best practices.

Create. Assign. Schedule.

Record as much or as little information about a job as you like. The bare minimum is a job name - everthing else is up to you.

Write up a description, attach pictures, break the job down into smaller tasks and assign those tasks to team mates.

Check your availability and schedule the job in the calendar.

We also took care of rainy days for you by integrating weather forecast in our calendar 🌤

Track & Trace.

Running a business profitably while keeping customers happy is an everyday challenge and requires staying on top of many things, sometimes ...too many things. At times it may feel like there are too many balls in the air.

Yanna also got you covered here. The app keeps an eye on all your jobs and makes sure you get notified about areas where your attention is needed the most. You won't get spammed with notifications - we promise.

Oh yes, and there are also dashboards updated in real time. Take a glance or take deep dive - the choice is yours.

"A man's got to do what a man's got to do."

- Yanna

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Some say money is the root of all evil. We say money is only evil when they aren't looked after.

Estimate. Quote. Invoice.

Create quotes and invoices based on tracked time and issue them to your clients.

Get a full control of your receivables. Know due and overdue amounts your customers owe you.

Yanna will also take care of your RCTI (recipient created tax invoice) contractors by generating invoices for you and getting a downloaded file for your payroll system.

Contractor Invoices

Your cashflow will be greatly improved by paing your contractors for the actual work hours not for time they invoice.

Encourage independant contractors to track their time and to submit their invoices though the app and get their accurate work time.

Get Paid

Yanna comes integrated with payment systems such as Stripe. This let's you accept payments on the go.

And for those overdue invoices Yanna will send reminder notices to customers.

"Take care of the pennies
and the pounds will take care of themselves."

- Yanna


Yanna calendar is a great planning tool for your projects, jobs, scheduling appointments with your customers, business meetings and other things you don't want to miss.

You can also conviniently create jobs directly from a calendar to save your time on checking time availability.

Calendar has an integration with google and mobile phone calendars.


Yanna's stock module will help you to manage your business physical inventory and make you aware of the number of products/goods purchased and on hand, and track their movements.


Barcode system will save your valuable time and let you avoid a tedious inventory data entry work.

Inventory Accountability

Assign your inventory, goods and tools or group of them to a person to increase liability for your assets.


GPS Tracking & Logbook

If there are any vehicles and/or mobile workforces involved in your business activities you might want to track their location and it can be a bit challenging. It might be a good idea to know where all these vehicles are at any given moment and our Garage will assists you in this.

Our Garage uses GPS tracking and telematics to locate the vehicles and get better insight into your logistic and business operations. Our GPS tracking system will help you to optimise costs due to driver getting lost, wasted fuel and lost valuable work time.

Manage & Maintain

Get alerts for vehicle maintenance such as paying a vehicle registration fee and insurance on time, when a vehicle inspection/WOF is due and other preventative routines.

Manage commercial and private motor vehicles involved in your business process such as cars, trucks and vans to ensure optimal utilization and their maintenance. In industries such as contraction track your heavy machinery and vehicles.

Garage will help you in a management of different equipment including cranes, bulldozers and smaller equipment such as trailers, generators or tools. By assigning a vehicle to a person or a site will help you to improve drivers and operators’ liability for the assets.


Yanna provides you with a convenient way to interact with your customers in one application.

Send a customer an invitation to a secure web page where they can view and accept your quote and invoice.

Open a discussion on any defects or issues and smoothly resolve them in an interactive timeline with instance messages.

There they can accept your quotes and invoices, open a discussion on any defects or issues and leave a feedback, see a full history of their order and communicate with you in a messenger.


Yanna Messenger is packed with features. It does everything you expect from a messenger and some more.

Provide instructions to your team mates and discuss all the intricate details of a job with a customer and team mates.

Text, Audio and Video

Send a text, snap a pic, or jump on a quick group audio/video call.

Thread Through

Chat tête-à-tête, with a group or strike up a conversation with one of your teams.

Yanna Messenger also features two special kinds of message chats - team and job.

Team threads contain team members only. Add a new member to or kick the off the team and they'll be added to or removed from team chat automatically.

Job chats allow you to have a conversation about a specific job with a customer or a team, or both. These can be helpful when you want to limit discussion to a particular job.

And in case you need to recall what was discussed about a particular job, you can go back to one of these sitting in archive.


Do you have employees and/or contractors? Than teams is for you. Easily scale up to a whole workplace and workforce management. Monitor working hours of your staff and contractors on sites including remote ones in real time.

Employees, contractors, emergency, health and safety, induction management, geo-zoned sites, real time tracking and much more. A solution to real life issues and time saving.

Connect your team mates and business partners to your account for a seamless and productive communication. Just send them an invitation to join. By having your team connected you will have a facility of an effective communication in one application.

Project Management

Projects in Yanna are made up of jobs. When jobs are part of the same project they can be quoted, invoiced and paid in bulk.

All the usual project management tools are there. Estimate, assign resources, track the progress and run reports.

Reports & Dashboards

Making good decisions is already difficult enough. Having timely access to accurate data immensely helps with it.

Dashboards give you a bird's eye view of how business is doing operationally. You can always head to a wide variety of reports for a deep dive data analysis.

A collection of views have been designed to maximize employees and contractors performance. Monitor and control progress on the work being carried out, overdue jobs and tasks and estimates run overs.


Data is the greatest commodity nowadays and we take its security seriously.

We Don't Zuck your Data Out

Your data is yours. You have complete control over it. We have provided tools for you to download a copy of your data. Want to delete your data permanently? Not a problem. It can be done any time with a few clicks away.


In order to ensure your data is safe it is transferred by encrypted channel at all times. We also engage external firms for security audit to ensure we comply with the latest industry standards.

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